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Big Apple Power Rankings- 5/9

05/09/2019 1:47 PM -


1. EEP Baseball (BK)- Sports At The Beach East Coast Classic Runner Up

2. Richmond Titans- USABL Spring Fling Champions, USABL Central Jersey Showdown Champions

3. Redblacks Baseball

4. NYC Crusaders

5. Dreamchasers Baseball




1. Richmond Titans- USABL Spring Blast Runner UP

2. EEP Baseball (SI)- USABL Central Jersey Showdown Runner Up, USABL April Madness East Runner Up

3. Brooklyn Bandits- U10 Bonnies Invitational Runner Up

4. RCBC Nationals- BBH Pre-Season Bash Runner Ups, USABL Spring Classic U10 West Runner UP

5. Bonnie Rangers

6. Raiders Baseball Club

7. SFX Huskies

8. Blue Collar Baseball- Frozen Ropes First Pitch Classic Runner Up

9. SI Orioles- USABL April Madness West Runner Up

10. Whitestone Renegades- Manhasset Take 2 Runner Up

Honorable Mentions: Spring Creek Stars, Rockaway Cadets 





1. Dreamchasers Baseball- Legends Opening Day Champions, Sports At The Beach 42 Rundown Champions

2. Baserats Baseball- USABL Spring Fling American Champions, Diamond Nation April Blast Champions, USABL Easter Battle Champions

3. BK Falcons- BSE Opening Weekend Runner Up, BBH Swing Into Spring Champions, PG U10 Super 24 Staten Island Super Qualifier Runner Up

4. RCBC Nationals- USABL Spring Fling Central East Champions

5. Astoria Storm

6. Richmond Titans

7. NY Prospects

8. Raiders Baseball Club

9. RCBC Americans- USABL Spring Fling Central East Runner Up

10. Brooklyn Bulldogs (Honan)-USABL April Madness Central Runner Up, USABL Cinco De Mayo Slam West Runners Up 

Honorable Mentions: Castle Hill Coyotes, NYC Bluebirds




1. RCBC Nationals- Diamond Nation Easter Extravaganza Champions

2. New York Angels- USSSA Long Island Spring Slugfest Champions, USSSA Long Island Showdown in Nassau Champions, PG Super 25 Northeast Spring Qualifier 3rd Place

3. 33 Rodz Baseball 

4. Raiders Baseball Club

5. NY Prospects Climi- USABL Spring Fling Champions

6. RCBC Americans

7. Whitestone Renegades

8. Pelham Bay Vipers

9. Throgs Neck Thunder- 33 Rodz U11 Invitational Runner Up

10. BK Falcons-USSSA Long Island Showdown in Nassau Runner Up, BSE Battle of the Best Runners Up

Honorable Mentions: NYC Titans, Team Citius, DH Knights, Rockaway Cadets, High Heat, Redblacks Baseball (USABL April Madness Runner Up), NYC Bluebirds, Astoria Storm




1. Team Citius- PG Super 25 Staten Island Spring Qualifier Champions

2. Brooklyn Bluestorm 

3. NY Bandits-USSSA Long Island Bye Bye Winter AA Champions, USSSA NJ Bandit Brawl Champions, NYBC New England Qualifier Champions

4. NY9-USSSA Long Island Bye Bye Winter Open Runner Up, USSSA NJ Bandit Brawl Runner UP

5. Brooklyn Bandits- BBH Pre-Season Bash Runner UP, WYAL Spring Fever Runner Up

6. NYC Titans-BBH Swing Into Spring Runner Up, Frozen Ropes Spring Bash Champions, 

7. SI Vikings- Diamond Nation Spring Fling Runner Up, iWork Opening Day Tournament Champions

8. Bluemachine Baseball

9. RCBC Nationals- USABL Central Jersey Showdown Champions, USABL Cinco De Mayo Traditional A Champions

10. Richmond Titans

Honorable Mentions: Riverbank Elite U12, Titans Baseball Club, St. Columba, Elmjack Eagles, SFX Huskies, SI Stallions, NY Bulldogs 




1. Bronx Bombers U14- PG Super25 Northeast Spring Qualifier Champions, BBH NYBC Senior Qualifier Champions, Diamond Nation Easter Extravaganza Champions, BBH Spring Classic Champions

2. NY Prospects U14

3. Bonnie Paws U14 

4. RCBC Nationals U14 

5. Los Phenoms U13 

6. RCBC Nationals U13- PG Super 25 Staten Island Super Qualifier Runner UP, Diamond Nation King of the Diamond Champions

7. Team Citius U13- Triple Crown Invitational Champions, BBH NYBC Senior Qualifier Champions

8. NY Gothams U14

9. NY Bandits Baseball U13- BBH Pre-Season Bash Champions

10. NY Prospects Riches U13-USABL April Madness American West A Champions, USABL Cinco De Mayo West A Champions

Honorable Mentions: NY Phenoms U13, Bayside Little League Rebels U13, Staten Island Orioles U13, Grand Slam, NY Sluggers U13 NY Bluebirds U13, College Points Rebels U13, Dreamchasers U13, SFX Huskies U13 (USABL Spring Classic Central East Champions ), DH Knights U13 (USABL Spring Classic Central West Champions), Latins Souls U13, Forest Hills Bombers U13, NY Prospects Belson U13 (USABL Cinco De Mayo American East B Champions), , OH Stars U13, Brooklyn Bulldogs U13, Blue Machine U13, NY Gothams U13,  NY9 U14, Whitestone Renegades U14, Brooklyn Bulldogs Orange, SI Rebels U14, BaseballU SI U13 (USABL Spring Classic American East Champions), Real Ballers, RCBC Americans U13



U15/16 (Still 2018 Results)

1. RCBC National U16- Ranked #40 Nationally by Perfect Game, Quaterfinals at U15 BCS National Championships, USABl Fathers Day Runner Up

2. Bronx Bombers U15- Ranked #29 Nationally by Perfect Game, Ranked #8 Nationally by Baseball Youth, BBH Summer Classic Champions, BBH Bat For A Cure Champions, Gameday USA Super Regional Gold Bracket Runners Up, Triple Crown Tri-State Regional Champions, BBH Columbus Day U15 Champions, NYBC National Champions, PG Super 25 National Champions

3. Team Citius U15- Borough Cup Runner Up, NYBC National Runner Up

4. NY Gothams (Red) U16- Diamond Nation Mid Summer Classic Champions, PGBA Northeast Summer Chanpionships Semi-Finalist, Sports at the Beach Season Finale Champions, BBH Columbus Day Wood Bat Semi-Finalist

5. RCBC National U15-Blue Chips Great American Classic Co-Champions, Diamond Nation Fall Invitational Champions, Diamond Nation World Series Champions, Diamond Nation Boys of Summer Red Champions, Diamond Nation Summer Bash Champions

6. Bonnie Bees U15- Diamond Nation King of the Diamond Champions, NYEB Spring Slugfest Champions, NYBC New York Qualifier Runner Ups, Diamond Nation Independence Firecracker Champions, Diamond Nation Independence Day Firecracker Champions

7. Queens Red Dogs- BBH Fall Wood Bat Finale Champions, USABL Octoberfest Champions, USABL Memorial Day Runners Up, BBH Brian Moore Tournament Champions, PGBA Northeast Fall Classic Champions

8. Astoria Storm U15-Baseball Heaven Schutt Sports Runner Ups, Baseball Heaven Spring Classic Champions, Ripken Highlight Reel Tournament Chapions

9. Whitestone Renegades U15- LI Hotstove Memorial Day Champions, BBH Honor Our Troops Champions, East Coast Tournaments Labor Day Bash Champions

10. Ozone Howard Wolfpack U15- Tag ‘Em Wood Bat Classic Champions, East Coast Tournaments Labor Day Bash Runner Up

Honorable Mentions: Staten Island Orioles U15 (USABL Memorial Day Champions, USABL Jersey Battle Cenral East Champions), NY Empire (BHH Frank Catalanatto Classic Runner Ups), , Spring Creek Stars U15 (NY Travel Spring Grasshopper Champions), NY Empire U15 (BHH Frank Catalanatto Classic Runner Ups), DH Knights U15 (USABL Bring The Heat Runners Up- Jersey Shore, Brooklyn Kiwanis U14 Summer Champions), NYCYSO Rays U15 (Gameday USA Majestic Prospect Games Runners Up), , NY9 (BBH Wood Bat Championships Runner Up), SI Cadets U15 (USABL Old Bridge Summer Slam Runner UP), NY Gothams U15 (USABL Bergen Havoc Central Runner UP), NY Prospects U16 (Diamond Nation Labor Day Blast Runner UP), NY Bulldogs U16 (BBH Father’s Day Runner Up), SI Cadets U16 (USABL August Showdown Runner UP) Dreamchasers Select (BBH East Coast Nationals Runner Up)




Champion= 1st Place

Runner Up- 2nd Place

Finalist- Made Semi Finals Before Schedule Was Rained Out





New York City Travel Baseball Leagues:


Baseball Heaven (BBH)

NY Travel Baseball League (NYTBL)

NYC Elite Travel Baseball League (NYCE)

Brooklyn Kiwanis League (BKL)

Brooklyn Baseball League (BBL)

Williamsburg Youth Athletic League (WYAL)

Parade Grounds League (PGL)

Westchester Baseball Association (WBA)

Rockland Baseball Association (RBA)

Mid Atlantic Championship Baseball League (MACBL)

Long Island Hot Stove 


Nassau County Youth Baseball League (NCYBL)

Elite Championship Travel Baseball (ECTB)

Perfect Game (PG)

Perfect Game Baseball Association (PGBA)





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