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08/11/2020 2:51 PM -

Dear Coaches,

After much deliberation, careful contact tracing, and discussions with all of our hosts facilities, we have decided that the Borough Cup is safe to resume play starting Saturday August 15th 2020. In the interest of fairness, all games that were cancelled during this investigation will be counted as 5 -5 tie between the teams. None of these games will be made up or rescheduled. Given the format we selected this year, no team will suffer severe prejudice from this ruling as everyone qualifies for the playoffs (More Info Shortly). These decisions regarding the schedule and outcome of cancelled games are final, so please do not call Zach or Frank trying to convince them otherwise.

We understand that given the circumstances some teams may now choose to opt out of the tournament. If your team is uncertain about moving forward, please contact us today at 718-662-6539. Only your parents know what is best for their children, and we will support whatever their decision may be.

From this point on, all rules regarding wearing masks, social distancing, and other host site safety guidelines will be enforced to the highest degree. If there are coaches, organizations, or parents that believe these rules are unfair or too strict, please opt out.  Understand, we will penalize any team including forfeiture of the game and expulsion from the tournament if after a warning a player, member of the coaching staff, or parent continues to disobey the rules. Likewise, if enforcement of the rules results in anyone disrespecting a member of the Borough Cup team or the staff of one of our Host Sites, the team associated with that individual will forfeit the game and risk being expelled from the tournament.

Finally, in the event we learn another Borough Cup Participant has tested positive for COVID- 19, we will in an abundance of caution cancel the remainder of tournament. Zach will begin sending his usual game reminders for those scheduled to play this weekend shortly.

We look forward to resuming play and having the kids have a chance to #GetThatCup!  Thank you for your understanding, participation and cooperation.




Ben Pinczewski

Executive Director, Borough Cup


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