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Big Apple Power Rankings- 5/19

05/19/2017 7:56 AM -


1.    Brooklyn Bluestorm

2.    Baserats Baseball (USABL Spring Blast U8 Central Champions)

3.    Astoria Storm

4.    RCBC Nationals (USABL April Showdown U8 National Runner Ups, USABL Easter Battle U8 Champs)

5.    Yorkville (WBA)

Honorable Mentions: NY Hurricanes (NCYBL, LI Hot Stove), Empire Baseball (NY Travel PeeWee), Bonnie Orioles (NY Travel PeeWee), Raiders Baseball Club



1.    Astoria Storm (NCYBL)

2.    NY Prospects Nationals (USABL April Showdown U9 Central Champions, USABL May Madness Runner Ups)

3.    DHHA Knights (NY Travel)

4.    Brooklyn High Heat (USABL Spring Blast U9 American East Champions, ECYB Spring Shootout Champions)

5.    Titans Baseball Club (WBA)


Honorable Mentions: Yorkvile, Titans Baseball Club, SCC Cyclones, Bonnie Rangers (NY Travel), Brooklyn Bulldogs, NY Bulldogs Black



1.    Brooklyn Bluestorm (NY Bandits Pre-Season Tournament Champions, Diamond Nation King Of The Diamond U10 Runner Ups, USSSA CT Sportsplex Tournament Champions, ECYB Spring Shootout Champions)

2.    Brooklyn Bandits (WSL Spring Fever U10 Champions)

3.    Raiders Baseball Club (NY Bandits Pre-Season Tournament Runner Ups)

4.    Dodgers Elite (Baseball Heaven Frank Catalanatto Classic U10 Runner Ups)

5.    FH Bombers (7-1 NY Travel)


Honorable Mention: YSL Lobos (NY Travel), Brooklyn Bulldogs, Bonnie Braves, St. Columba (7-1 Brooklyn Kiwanis League U10), Grand Slam (WSL Spring Fever U10 Runner Ups), NY Sluggers (WBA)





1.    Raiders Baseball Club

2.    NY Phenoms (LI Hot Stove, Ripken Baseball MD Bases Loaded Tournament U11 Runner-Ups)

3.    NY Bandits Baseball (Perfect Game Northeast Invitational U11 Runner Ups, USSSA Line Drive Extravaganza Champions)

4.    Richmond Titans (Diamond Nation April Fools U11 Runner Ups)

5.    Dukes Baseball (Baseball Heaven Frank Catalanatto Classic U11 Champions)


Honorable Mentions: Bayside Little League Rebels (8-0 LI Hot Stove), Ozone Howard Stars (LI Hot Stove)



1.    Bronx Bombers (Perfect Game Northeast Invitational U12 Champions, Diamond Nation Easter U12 Runner Ups, Diamond Nation Battle at the Turf Runner Ups)

2.    RCBC American (Diamond Nation April Fools U12 Runner Ups, Diamond Nation Easter U12 Champions)

3.    Bonnie Robins (6-0 LI Hot Stove, Baseball Heaven Frank Catalanatto Classic U12 Champions)

4.    Richmond Titans (USABL)

5.    Spring Creek Stars (6-2 NY Travel Bantam Sunday)

Honorable Mentions: Grand Slam (WSL Spring Fever U12 Runner Ups),NY Lions (USABL Easter Battle U12 Champions), Queens Reds (Baseball Heaven Todd Caden Classic U12 Runner Ups), BBA Blue Jays (5-0-1 NY Travel Saturday), FH Bombers (8-0 NY Travel Sunday), Team Citius NY (NYBC New England Qualifier Runner Up), CP Stars (WSL Spring Fever U12 Champions)





1.    Brooklyn Blue Storm (MPI Tomorrow’s Stars U13 Champions, Perfect Game Northeast Invitational U13 Champions, NYBC East Coast Qualifier Champions)

2.    Dodgers Elite (Baseball Heaven Frank Catalanatto Classic U13 Champions, Triple Crown Sports Capitol City Invitational U13 Champions, MPI Smash & Bash Champions)

3.    Bronx Bombers (Perfect Game Northeast Invitational U13 Runner Ups)

4.    RCBC National (Diamond Nation Easter U13 Champions)

5.    Ozone Howard Wolfpack

Honorable Mentions: BBA Big Blue, RCBC American (USABL Spring Blast U13 American East Champions), Astoria Storm, Whitestone Angels, NY Prospects




1.    Queens Reds

2.    NYCYSCO Rays (LI Hot Stove)

3.    Bonnie Paws

4.    Grand Slam Baseball Club (WSL Spring Fever U14 Champions)

5.    Brooklyn Bandits (WSL Spring Fever U14 Runner Ups)

Honorable Mention: BBA Bombers, TM Select U14, Team Citius, 

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